Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Weight Outcomes: Does Every Minute Count?

Jessie X. Fan, University of Utah
Barbara Brown, University of Utah
Cathleen Zick, University of Utah
Lori Kowaleski-Jones, University of Utah

We use NHANES 03-06 accelerometer data to test whether moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in less than the recommended 10-minute or more bouts relates to body mass index (BMI) outcomes. The results show that net of controls, more minutes in MVPA 1-7 minute bouts (MVPA1-7)are associated with -0.05 lower BMI for females and -0.04 for males, while modified MVPA 10 more more minute bouts (MVPA8+) has coefficients of -0.04 for females and -0.03 for males. This means each average daily minute of MVPA has the equivalent calorie offset of 3.5 lbs for MVPA1-7 bouts and 2.3 lbs for MVPA8+ bouts, for a 5’6” woman. For a 5’10” man, this is equivalent to 2.7 lbs calorie offset per minute of MVPA1-7 and 2.0 lbs for MVPA8. We conclude that both short and long bouts are associated with healthier BMI. Results support public health message that “every minute counts.”

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