Session 74:
Families and Well-Being among Older Adults

Friday, May 4
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Imperial Ballroom B
Ballroom Level

Chair: April Wilson, University of Texas at Austin
Discussant: Margaret L. Usdansky, Syracuse University

  1. The Physical Health-Marital Quality Link during the Aging Process: The Importance of Marital Roles as MediatorsAdena M. Galinsky, Johns Hopkins University; Linda Waite, University of Chicago

  2. Getting Better with Age: Employment, Gender Attitudes, and DepressionKatrina M. Leupp, University of Washington

  3. The Effect of Parental Divorce on the Offspring's Adult HealthJason R. Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Robin S. Hognas, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  4. Early Childbearing, Union Status, and Women's Health at MidlifeKristi Williams, Ohio State University; Sharon Sassler, Cornell University; Fenaba Addo, Cornell University; Elizabeth Cooksey, Ohio State University

Other sessions on Marriage, Family, Households, and Unions