Session 148:
Population Change and Development in LDCs

Saturday, May 5
8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
Continental Parlor 2
Ballroom Level

Chair: David E. Bloom, Harvard School of Public Health
Discussant: Klaus Prettner, Harvard School of Public Health
Discussant: Grant Miller, Stanford University and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Discussant: Rajaie Batniji, Stanford University

  1. Low Fertility and Economic GrowthRonald Lee, University of California, Berkeley; Andrew Mason, University of Hawaii at Manoa

  2. Dependency Ratio and International TradeWei Tian, Peking University; Yang Yao, Peking University; Miaojie Yu, Peking University; Yi Zhou, University of California, Berkeley

  3. Women’s Participation in Household Decision Making in Indonesia: A Structural Equation ApproachRadheeka Jayasundera, University of Southern California

  4. Impact of the December 2004 Tsunami on Birth Outcomes in Aceh, IndonesiaAmar A. Hamoudi, Duke University; Elizabeth Frankenberg, Duke University; Cecep S. Sumantri, SurveyMETER

  5. Shifting Fortunes for Family Planning: The Role of NormsJeremy Shiffman, American University; Kathryn Quissell, American University

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