Premarital Sex, Conception and Birth among Young Adults in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tanggerang, Indonesia

Iwu D. Utomo, Australian National University
Peter McDonald, Australian National University

Based on a sample of 3006 young adults aged 20-34 years, the 2010 Greater Jakarta Transition to Adulthood Survey is the first comprehensive survey of transition to adulthood in Indonesia. Questions relating to sexuality and risk taking behaviours were asked using a self administered questionnaire to ensure confidentiality. Among the never married, only 5 percent of females reported experience of sexual intercourse compared to 16 percent of males. Ten per cent of ever-married respondents reported they had sexual relationships before marriage. However, among those who had had a premarital conception, the majority of respondents reported that they did not have sex before marriage. Reports of self masturbation and oral sex were significantly more common among males than females, though almost equal numbers of male and female respondents reported masturbation with a partner. Understanding of sexual behaviours among young adults provides an evidence base for reproductive health policy.

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Presented in Session 141: Family Planning and Reproductive Health in the Asian Context